Monday, October 04, 2010

When is a tweet not a tweet? It's not tweet!

Checked into Twitter as I do every morning as part of my daily regimen of keeping up to date with people's lives and what should I find? Dear Twitter still hasn't updated my followers count.

Quelle surprise!

Checked the "ticket" page to see if my problem had even been among those worked on and was greeted with "no ticket."

Again - quelle surprise.

It is even more annoying since four new followers have found my updates interesting enough to...follow and Twitter doesn't acknowledge their existence. I mean, can you imagine the reaction of the new followers?

"How d'ya like that?" they most likely say to themselves upon realizing that they're not counted in the count. "Now I won't receive updates on those wonderful tweets from Eleanor!"

It's possible somebody might have said or had that thought.

What is most bizarre is that the following thingie works. In other words, when I follow somebody else, it matters but if they follow me back, it doesn't.

On top of which I'm experiencing problems signing in and have to keep changing my user name. Thing is, I keep forgetting the new user name, which means I have to keep changing and changing and... You get the idea.

So I'm going to mark each day that the problem continues here in this blog - with commentary of course. Curious if anyone else reading this has experienced similar problems. You begin to wonder if Twitter really cares about its tweeters.

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Anonymous said...

A few points that may place your self-styled predicament into context:

- It's a free service. You get what you pay for.
- It supports 160 million users and is growing by the day. Not a whole lot of bandwidth for individual complaints over problems that aren't actual problems.
- The company is already notorious for rapid growth, spotty service and unresolved glitches. Get in line.
- All social media services are in a near-constant state of evolution. Refining the current state to a fine edge before moving on to the next state simply isn't the way things are done these days. Ready. Fire. Aim.

In the end, does it really matter whether anyone has 150 followers? Or 151? For most people, the follower count naturally fluctuates from one login/visit to another. That's just the way things work. Seriously, who cares?

Twitter is a great way to connect: Use it for its intended purpose and learn to live with the little inconsistencies that crop up along the way. Probably wouldn't hurt to focus on something else beyond follower count, too. Either way, your blood pressure will thank you.