Monday, November 15, 2010

Do not drink the toilet water, okay? And don't juggle hand grenades, either

We human beings can always be counted upon to provide - how shall we say - interesting material that makes us shake our head in wonderment and bewilderment.

So for whatever reason, let's say somebody reading this decides to visit the Phoenix area perhaps for work or pleasure. While checking out the city and Chandler, Arizona in particular following a large consumption of coffee...or tea...whatever, nature calls and a trip to the bathroom is necessary. It appears there are signs posted in restrooms of a new $73 million, five-story building warning people not to drink water out of the urinals and toilets, which happen to use re-cycled water. Unless one gets down on one's hands and knees, this is not a probability, anyway. Mind you, non-human four-legged non-humans like cats or dogs might find this a deterrent. Thinking further, would this law apply to them?

The reason for the posting is that city code regulations located 20 miles southeast of Phoenix to post signs or tint water blue to flag the existence of non-potable "gray water."


Been juggling various life choices? Someone in San Francisco for whatever reason known obviously only to him, decided that it might be fun and definitely an attention-getter, to perform a juggling act at Fisherman's wharf. What makes this news is that his choice of juggling material was a hand grenade. Presumably, this was a one-item juggling act. But I digress. Bomb squad investigators responding to this man's choice of items, closed down the entire block in response. After further investigation, police determined that the grenade was a fake.

The performer, who has not been identified, was arrested and may face charges. I bet.


Last but definitely not least - another study

Love those studies. Some researchers living in Montreal, Canada, obviously and again for whatever reason known only to them, conducted studies that revealed the sight of red meat on a dinner table seems to calm men down and makes them less aggressive.

The research recruited 82 men men who believed they could punish an aide reading a script with various volumes of sound every time he made an error while they sorted photos, some with pictures of meat and others with neutral images. This leads one to wonder what this has to do with meat. But I digress.

The researchers initially believed the men would inflict more discomfort on the script reader while they sorted photos of cooked red meat, but that didn't turn out to be the case.

The researcher says in hindsight, it makes sense that our ancestors would be calm at the sight of meat that is ready to eat as they would be surrounded by their loved ones at meal time. O-kaaaaay....

This leads one to wonder - again - whether the sight of real meat would have the adverse affect, or whether the same would be applicable when seeing photos of raw chicken and other varieties of meat. Also, what about cooked meat? As a person who prepares meals regularly, my feeling is that the sight of a cooked meal when one doesn't have to prepare it is infinitely better. Really.

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