Friday, November 26, 2010

Ohmygawd - what next? Road kill calendar - that's what!

I despair - again.

Many of us have have calendars with "normal" photos like smiling babies, gourmet food settings, flowers, forests,, regular stuff. Then along comes somebody with the dumb/demented idea to create a calendar consisting of - wait for it and gasp - road kill. Seriously!

The calendar in question features the photographic images of squashed squirrels, badgers who have met up with cars and dead ducks - the poultry type. What makes this story even more grotesque is that it has become a best seller! What is wrong with people these days?

The creator is one Kevin Beresford, a courier who travels around the country taking pictures of dead critters. Surely the man can find better subjects than...road kill. Making this even worse is that there is a big demand on line. He admits that some of his "subjects" are so squished they can't be identified. This indicates that the photos most likely have blood and guts spilling out. How absolutely horrible and yucky.

January features four dead mallards and a dead hedgehog ending the year.

"I like the idea as it's different and appeals to my take on life and I think the British love animals - even dead ones," Beresford commented. What type of life does this mean lead, anyway?

So this leads one to ask people reading the story if they would buy a caledar featuring 12 photos of roadkill. Would you? I can say unequivocally that I would not!

Here's a sample of what we're alluding to:

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