Monday, November 01, 2010

Employment opportunity. Wanted mermaid or mer-man

Looking for a job that offers something different in the way of a challenge? Enjoy meeting people? Want to make a big splash in the world? An unusual employment opportunity awaits a female - or male - who knows how to swim well and be willing to do tank cleaning of the fish type.

The Rhyl SeaQuarium located in North Wales is currently seeking out a mermaid - or mer-man.

According to the the "employment opportunity" ad on the aquarium site under the title of "VACANCY – MERMAID/MERMAN":

"A unique and exciting opportunity has arisen (what an appropriate word for this story!) for a Mermaid or Mer-man within the Entertainments Team at the Rhyl SeaQuarium. Duties will include visitor presentations and demonstrations, photo opportunities with our visitors and Dive presentations."

This leads one to wonder how many if any, mermaids or mer-mans exist on this planet but then again, this isn't an issue since the person who gets the job will be wearing a costume, unless of course she or he is the real thing.

So to continue, the person who gets the job will be required to clean exhibits and take care of the animals in a 160,000 litre Ocean Display. Anyone reading this interested in submitting their application should have an outgoing personality, be able to communicate effectively with visitors and perform presentations to a wide range of age groups, both small and large.

This leads one to speculate the type of presentations a mermaid/mer-man would perform. Laze on a rock and sing sea-related ballads perhaps and/or swim around the tank with lots of tail swishing, for sure interacting with the sea creatures. Right now you're probably asking yourself what type of sea creatures are there? According to information on the site, there are more than 30 exhibits with species ranging from sea lions to lionfish, seahorses,sharks and rays. Presumably, the mermaid/mer-man would be required to swim with the fishes in the true sense of the word.

Furthermore, according to the information blurb, "they (whoever is hired) must be able to cope positively with the media interest and be comfortable with public appearance as well as being in front of a camera being photographed for visitor photo opportunities. Due to the public appearances, the successful applicant must be prepared to wear a Mermaid/Merman outfit, which will be specially made for the individual. They should also have a passion for marine life and be comfortable around many forms of marine life – including sharks"

Notice the dash and the two words at the end, "including sharks." Obviously - at least to moi - the seaquarium is aware that many people are hesitant when it comes to interacting with sharks. Fear of death springs to mind.

"Interested applicants should fill out the online application form and send their CV and cover letter to expressing the reasons to why this role would suit you."

Closing date for applications is the November 5 and the successful candidate must be able to start on the 16th April 2011. BTW - the post is listed as a "temporary fixed term position initially for one week only with the possibility of an extension to a seasonal position till September 2011." Temporary fixed term position... So if I were to attempt translating this phrase, to moi, it means a post that will exist for a certain time period, in this case one week, but there is a chance that it could be extended. Slo in other words: this is not a career growth opportunity. Then again, perhaps few people would really want to work the rest of their lives dressed in a mermaid or mer-man suit, swimming around a tank doing...whatever a mermaid or mer-man does.

Any takers? What's a few sharks and rays anyway?


christine said...

I think this sounds like an excellent opportunity....and apparently does not require the skill of being able to breathe under water...woohoo I qualify!

scriberess said...

I do, however, believe that the ability to swim is essential, which leaves me out. Wonder what type of costume they will create for the lucky mermaid/mer-man. I will look for updates - and photos of course. BTW Christine - would you apply if given the chance?