Monday, January 03, 2011

Oh the horror of it all! Kate Perry without makeup!

If ever there were two-faced people, it's celebrities or people whose photos are frequently featured as part of news stories. Take comedian/actor, Russell Brand - I'm sure his wife would add 'please!' - who for whatever reason, decided to post his wife, Kate Perry's photo so everyone could see. Celebrities are used to having their images everywhere and in fact, pay people to do this for them. The difference in this situation that Brand had the audacity to post Perry without makeup, and presumably, without her permission or knowledge.

Oh the shock of it all! The horror!

Let's be objective here: Perry is a talented and according to all the photos posted of her, visually appealing. However and one can only presume this, she obviously wants a certain public personna that only face cosmetics can provide.

According to reports, the photo was snapped when she first got up in the morning. I mean, how many of us would be happy if our significant-other snapped a photo and posted it where the world could review? Then again, nobody would probably care because we're not Kate Perry. In this case, Brand tweeted it on Twitter. It was not a tweet move since Perry does not like being seen, ever, sans makeup.

It's rare to see well-known s*t*a*r*s out and about at premieres or fund raisers or anywhere, actually, being themselves, baring their faces for the world to see. When they are caught off-guard doing natural things like shopping, they're usually wearing large sunglasses and hidden beneath layers of clothing.

My reaction is get over it, Kate! Thinking further, perhaps she should wear full makeup to bed, just in case. Maybe Brand wants a before-and-after photo of her.


Anonymous said...

Who is "Kate" Perry?

Her name is Katy Perry.

scriberess said...

Thank you Ms or Mr. Anonymous for pointing this out. Her name is indeed Katy Perry. Sorry Katy.