Monday, January 03, 2011

Blackbird update. Arkansas blackbirds met with trauma, findings indicate

Preliminary autopsy results as to the reason behind what is now estimated to be 4,000-5,000 blackbirds that mysteriously fell from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas is multiple blunt trauma to their vital organs, a state veterinarian related to NBC Monday. Initially, it was thought that fireworks were to blame but the latest findings seem to rule that out.

Personally, I'm still going with the alien theory in that visitors from another galaxy or universe or wherever, became lost and having no experience speaking with intelligent earth species, assumed the crows were a good source of information.

Thinking further, though (far too much time on my hands), the new theory makes you wonder what the crows could have encountered that could have caused such a wide-spread death.

As if Beebe and the state of Arkansas don't have enough to worry about, officials are also looking into the reason why approximately 100,000 fish turning up dead in the state's northwest. Dead drum fish were found floating in the water lining the banks of a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River near Ozark, 125 miles northwest of Little Rock.

As Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say: it's always something.

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