Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Computer replaces pooch as best friend?

Came accross this piece, which caused the utterance of "say what?!" Unbelievable but apparantly true according to a poll, the computer is replacing the family pooch in the best friend category.

It appears that researchers discovered a mere 6% of those polled believe that most people rely more on their dog than their PC's, while 67% are of the opinion the opposite is true. Thinking further about this poll in general, why would researchers conduct a poll of this nature, anyway? But I digress.

More distressing, 38% of dog owners revealed to depending more on their PC than their dog. Another 36% disagreed. I mean, how can one compare the family pooch to a mere mechanical...thingie? Furthermore, dog owners in the 18-24 age category said they depended more on their computer.

Duh! A dog is a living, breathing companion that responds to external stimuli i.e. petting, interacting, walks, etc. whereas a computer is...there. True a pet can't compute sophisticated mathematical equations but your furry family pooch can offer emotional feedback and solace if the occasion calls for it. Your computer is just...there. Isn't that right dog owners and people who know and love dogs, reading this? You could one assumes, take your computer for a walk but would it care?

The poll by the way, was conducted by Computeractive magazine with the RSPCA. Two-thousand British adults were polled for feedback regarding the change that modern technology has brought to their home lives. Gotta wonder bout this stat that male dog owners are almost twice as likely as female owners to rely on their computer than a canine companion. What does this indicate in the scheme of things?

The company, Computeractive is working with the RSPCA to fight for justice against animal cruelty by raising funds for five prosecution cases of animal cruelty.

So whad'ya think? Is your computer replacing your family dog...or cat...or whatever?

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