Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wookie the cat presumably still missing?

Been trying to trace down whether Wookie the cat has been sighted or perhaps, but most likely not, found since he was reported missing in November of last year. People reading this might recall the story of Wookie and his desperate owner, one Mike Harding, who was fined for putting up posters in the hope that somebody would see his kitty and there would be a happy Christmas reunion. Alas, instead, Mike was threatened with a fine instead by the local council, which was eventually dropped most likely due to public outcry and adverse publicity.

Since sharing the story, I'm surprised that people still drop by this blog to read the saga and that the story still has legs. Most likely it has sustained an interest due to an ordinary citizen and obvious cat lover who was attempting to find his beloved cat but instead encountered local politics. People tend to take sides in situations where they feel a person has been unfairly wronged.

Given that there is still interest, I've been attempting to trace down any type of follow-up as to whether Wookie was found. So far, there is no information available from any news source. Anyone knowing Mike or living in the Bedford, |England, area, perhaps could provide some type of finality to the story or even Mike's e-mail address as a follow up to the story and an ending.

Anybody? BTW - Wookie if you're reading this - enquiring minds want and need to know!

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