Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some of life's questions to which there are no answers or explanations

There are issues we all face - okay that I face - which are most perplexing and to which there are no logical explanations, at least in my eyes. You know the type of inane thoughts that keep one up at night because they're so inane?


As is the case with many TV viewers, I admit to watching soap operas or as many (okay - me) call them, "day time drama-dies." Most likely my attraction came about as a result of genetics in that my mother watched them when I was a child and I in turn absorbed the content (such as it was and is) over time and have carried on the tradition. My day time drama-dies of choice are "General Hospital", my favorite, and "All My Children." My mother liked "As the World Turns" which was cancelled a while back. Perhaps that act in itself was an omen or writing on the wall as they say. For their part, the networks are claiming that the rating numbers aren't there anymore. While I don't doubt this claim, perhaps had they offered viewers a plausible story line at least for "All My Children", which has turned into a sad joke with characters returning from the dead via a doctor who has somehow acquired God-like qualities. The shows in themselves can only be viewed as an escape from reality since everyone living in soap opera-ville are rich but don't work, become surgeons in six months to a year and never deal with real life situations like employment loss. Such is the appeal. Escape from reality.

Viwers who have stayed with the show over the years deserve better, writers and powers-that-be!

Word has it that General Hospital is also on the chopping block down the line and will be replaced by the new programs, "The Chew" a food whatever and still another food preparation show, "The Revolution". Just what viewers need. I find it difficult to believe that day time TV viewers are interested in basically cooking lessons. That's what it comes down to in the end and what's with this sudden fixation on cooking? Not to dismiss the male cooks and chefs, are we returning to the olden days where the  woman's place was in the kitchen cooking meals? Count me out as a future viewer of both of these shows. In as far as General Hospital is concerned, the word is that Katie Couric is slated to move in with a talk show. Again, just what we need - still another blah-blah-blah program.

Pass...and pass again.


In addition to not receiving an invitation to "the" royal wedding with my invitation somehow mis-directed by the mail delivery service and now stuck with a hat, there was also no invite to the Kardashian nuptials. It would have involved the purchase of a new dress and an airline ticket so I view it as saved money. Being in the "older" age category, how did this Kardashian family become a fixation virtually everywhere you look? What makes them special? Anybody want to share?


As a blog writer, I'm still amazed that the "lost cat" story that still has paws from last December, and is still being read by people dropping by here? No new information has been offered or forthcoming at least yet, as to the fate of Wookie the cat, who lives or once lived in England. Whereabouts or even whether the feline is still in the land of the living is a mystery, as are the cyber surfers who are intent on keeping the spirit of Wookie alive. As mentioned in previous Wookie-related comments, any Wookie updates as to his fate is appreciated and shared.

ETC. ETC. There are other issues of personal concern like Twitter un-followers who have me perplexed, supermarket sprays gone amock, rude shoppers who use their shopping carts to block access to bargain food items and as weapons of pain, dented cans that are only discovered dented upon arriving home, packaged cheese that goes blue/green/rancid within a week or two of purchase, lipstick shades that look  copper/orange-y in pharmacy light but end up pink at home (what is this obsession with pink lip color anyway!) - it just never ends! In the last three months, I've amassed 5 "reject" lipsticks that looked rust/beige-y but ended up pink.

As my mother used to say: "what cannot be cured - must be endured." Amen mom!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time to vote people! National Lampoon sponsoring 1st Nat. Lampoon Twitter Awards!

Seems that for whatever reason, as they themselves say: "just because" , National Lampoon is holding its first Annual National Lampoon Twitter Awards. Kind'a weird that National Lampoon is sponsoring Twitter Awards and not Twitter itself but then - why not. I mean, there are enough twits who tweet (yes - including moi before you ask).

According to the write-up on the NL site, the people or at least presumably a lot of the people at National Lampoon have in their words, "fallen in love with the Twitter Machine." They explain their attachment to the site due to "the amazingly funny and talented people on it."

The voting system will be broken down into categories, many of which - how shall one put it - are "different." Two rounds of voting will be held and in the first round currently open, they've offered some of their own suggestions on where to place your "X" or "Y"...or whatever. There is also a "other"square for write-in names at the end of each category. Round two begins on Tuesday, September 6, where the highest vote getters will be narrowed down.

"Our goal here is to honor the men and women of Twitter who fight every day to keep our country honest, stupid, and funny… because in any society, comedians are the truth-tellers, and we need truth-tellers now more than ever," National Lampoon opines.

In any case and for the record, I'm toying with adding a write-in for Bronz Zoo Cobra since there is no category listed for talented animals or escaped zoo denizens. After all - his (the snake) escape did make hisssssstory.

A list of the various categories and for people wanting to exercise their vote, let your fingers do the walking to

I'll be back to announce the preliminary winners. So who'd you vote for?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something corny is at hand

Fresh corn on the cob has arrived in local supermarkets. This in itself is an anticipated event since we all - at least many of us anyway - enjoy when teeth-meets-corn kernels. Nothing like a hot boiled, crunchy corn on the cob accompanied by your grease-of-choice dripping down the sides.

The eating side of corn is great but what's not agreeable is the way supposedly civilized people act in front of the corn display. Surpermarkets usually provide an empty bin in which to toss discarded ears of corn (that sounds so barbaric!) but for whatever reason - laziness springs to mind - corn lovers prefer to drop corn leaves and rejected cobs directly on to the floor. This in itself is bad enough but the act of selecting corn turns otherwise "normal" surpermarket shoppers into discourteous oafs. In order to get at what they believe to be the primo corn, hips become shoving weapons as do flaying arms that seek out cobs located at the very bottom of the corn display. It's also somewhat disturbing, at least to me, how people seek only the perfect, blemish-less cobs with no signs of insects or color imperfection, while a large portion of the world goes starving.

I like the multi-colored corn and take it with a dish of salt and some low-fat margarine, although purists would suggest that only butter would do. Although there are special corn-eating tools available, we eat ours with our hands and the help of napkins - lots of napkins that disintegrate almost immediately. Still, we have to watch our manners...

Also on sale this week are the giant cherries with no empty containers provided for discarded cherry pits. Watched a cherry shopper/taster this week take a hand full of cherries in his hand and slowly but methodically go through them while walking around the produce dept., spitting out the pits on to the floor as he walked. Nothing like slipping on pits and corn leaves to make an unforgettable shopping experience.

To complete my shopping experience, the produce spray has gone amok. Where only fresh vegetables are normally sprayed (and sprayed and...), it now provides a face wash for unsuspecting shoppers and of course, no means in which to dry off. Nothing like shopping with a wet face and makeup dripping off.  Gotta love the experience!

OTOH and just in case one needs a one-on-one instruction, here's crunch-by-crunch instructions on how to best eat corn:

Personal poll out of curiousity:

- how do you prepare your corn?
a) barbeque b) boiled c)microwaved

- how do you eat your corn?
a) as is - no butter et al
b) lots of butter
c) margarine and/or other grease?

- how many corns can you eat?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bert and Ernie - a lasting friendship

As a long-time admirer of Burt and Ernie, it never occurred to me that there could be something more, something deeper than a mere surface friendship. Over the years and along with my children who now have children of their own, I watched the muppet-puppets live out their lives on Sesame Street along with millions of childen who watched Burt take a bath along with his ever-present, rubber ducky. Seems that according to the view of some people, there was and still is, something more than mere friendship involved.

Perhaps it's because I never considered the pair more than mere puppets on a children's television show. True they have lived together for a long period of time but again keeping things in perspective, they are one of the learning tools used to educate a viewing audience. However, there are some who believe that their relationship longevity is an indication that the duo share more than mere friendship. To this end a petition has been distributed to have the two puppets - accent on the puppets - get married. So far more than 900 people have signed to support the idea. In response and for its part, Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit group behind Sesame Street, responded to the request saying Bert and Ernie are "identified as male characters," but "remain puppets and do not have a sexual orientation."

Really, in the end, why the necessity to examine or seek a deeper meaning into what is essentially, characters in a children's TV show? Why can't they be just two puppet friends who are sharing living quarters? It happens in real life so it seems perfectly logical that art imitates life especially when the whole concept of Sesame Street is a group of friends living on a street. Let individual viewers interpret Burt and Ernie's friendship as they see it and parents/guardians answer questions regarding the puppet's living arrangements when called upon. If it ain't broke - don't fix it.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Duchess gives away fortune all for love

Came accross an interesting piece about an 85 year old Duchess in Spain, who is marrying a man 24 years younger. This in itself isn't news but what makes this story interesting is that the Duchess Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James is a multi-millionaire, and to underline that their relationship is based on real love, she is giving away all her worldly possessions including big buckeroonies.

The Duchess, who is one of the wealthiest women in Spain, is estimated to be worth between $850 million and $5 billion, give or take a million or two, and one could see how the wealth could add to her attractiveness ("Oh Eleanor - you're such a cynic!"). Hence the decision to give away all her worldly possessions to prove to the world that love will pay the bills...or at least that her relationship with one Alfonso Diez, a civil servant is based on something else other than money and all that it can buy.In addition, her six offspring aren't crazy about the forthcoming nuptials and this was the basis for her decision. Really, in the end, the kids/grandchildren will be the real beneficiaries, being the recipients of her fortune.

"Alfonso doesn't want anything. All he wants is me," she had commented regarding their relationship earlier in the year.

Don't want to sound cynical but one wonders if this was before or after Alfonso was made aware that they would be living on love, alone. Thinking further about their relationship, why bother marrying at all? Why not just live together as many people do these days?

A further thought (too much time on my hands, obviously) in as far as the wedding is concerned. Having not been invited to "the wedding" (Will and Kate)...that is to say, my invitation having been lost in the mail, perhaps - just perhaps - an invitation will be/could be/might be forthcoming to this one? I mean - what would one wear if one was invited to a wedding of a multi-millionaire-ess Spanish Duchess who will have a modest affair having given away her fortune? I shall be checking my mail box in the event that an invitation could be wedged inside.

According to a report in a Spanish newspaper, her eldest son, Carlos, inherits the Liria Palace in Madrid and the Monterrey Palance in Salamanca, as well as the family fortune. Her only daughter, Eugenia, inherits an estate in Ibiza and a further 600 acres near Seville.

The duchess has been friends with Diez for several years. There were rumors of a wedding in 2008 but her children nixed the idea of marriage. Will be looking for wedding updates to see if the nuptials will actually take place. Wonder if Debrett's has a section on attending Spanish weddings of Spanish royalty that were wealthy give away their fortune for love...

UPDATE: October 5: the nuptials have indeed taken place. The Duchess wore a salmon, shin-length dress by Spanish designers Victorio y Lucchino. The bride expressed her happiness in an impromptu dance to the delight of onlookers.


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dear Twitter followers and former followers - I'm puzzled

Dear Twitter followers, especially those who no longer follow me,

I'm puzzled. You obviously found my profile interesting enough initially to follow my witty updates. However, over time and for what ever reason, you dropped me. This leads me to wonder if there is anything I wrote or didn't write, which compelled you to make this decision.

For those reading this who are not familiar with my blogs - I have seven of them - they cover a wide variety of subjects including commentary about the times we live in (Gimme a Break), condo living, playwriting, gardening (used to be a passionate gardener before going condo), painting (my current obsession du jour), and the others. I mean - hey - there are certainly enough updates to pique your interest in one of my blogs, so what's the deal?

Okay. I have to admit that there have been occasions as I'm sure is the case with other Twitter-ers, in which I didn't return a "follow.". Let's be candid: if I don't or can't relate to a person's background or if it's an overt attempt to promote a service some of which relate to a sexual service, I don't reciprocate a follow. That being written, I'm curious. As an aside - I'm big on these - had four people drop me over the last few days. What can one say? Can't please all the people all the time or even some of the people some of the time. Right? it my photo...something I wrote....