Monday, April 23, 2012

"X-Factor USA" invited me to audition - I'm ready for my close up

Opening my e-mail today, I was greeted  with an invitation by X-Factor (USA) to become part of the show. Sort-of... It wasn't exactly a personal invitation but an invite is an invite is an invite... I takes it as I gets it. Last year readers of this blog may recall that just before "X-Factor" premiered, Simon Cowell no less, sent me an e-mail informing me about the day and time the show would air.

That Simon - so considerate!

Really, given Simon's note to me, the informative update should have come as no surprise.

"Hello!" the e-mail blurb opened up, followed by, "THE WORLD'S ONLY $5 MILLION AUDITION IS BACK!"

There is something about seeing "$5 million dollars" as a great attention-getter. Let's be honest: five million buck-a-roonies can  buy a lot of attention - and pretty things. Right?

"THE X FACTOR is searching for America's best undiscovered talent," the information blurb continued.

This was the perfect description of my talent so I knew it was directed at me personally.

"If you are a solo artist or vocal group and are ages 12 and up, you can audition for Season 2 of THE X FACTOR."

I would classify myself as a solo artist and to date, a shower singer having never gone public. Still more people would say that this is a good thing. Friends who have heard my version of "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" have told me that my voice makes them cry.

"If you, or any of your friends have THE X FACTOR go to to sign-up and get audition details and eligibility requirements NOW!" but a cyber click to the site revaled that it was out-of-date, with Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger still listed as judges. Anybody who keeps up with show-biz chatter are aware that the pair were ousted last season. Kind of surprising.

There could be one deterrent, though, to my being discovered. Being Canadian and all, most likely my geographical location will make me/us inelligible. Oh well - their loss. Some of my friends and family members would say their luck.

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