Monday, September 10, 2012

Stories that make you ask, "why?" Of zombies, kitty awards, Rembrandt...and other stuff

It's yet another edition of those interesting and quirky stories that seem to pop up on the cyber highway of life, which make you shake your head with wonder, awe and puzzlement.

A zombie throws his hat in the presidential ring

Given the popularity of zombies these days, it isn't surprising that this didn't happen earlier. Not sure how this will go over with fellow candidates but a Mr. A. Zombie and wife, Patty Morgan-Zombie, made their presence known at the Democratic National Convention to "highlight the plight of the zombie community".

Oh the angst and anonymity of being a zombie!

In providing an explanation as to why he is running, Mrs. Zombie explained that "my husband is running for president, because he could have taken a certain issue issue lying down, well, because he was already lying down, but he decided to stand up and pledge to fight for equal viewing opportunities for all."

Part of his platform included improving the lives of zombies everywhere and get them more jobs.  More jobs? Does this mean that unbeknownst to us, there are zombies working among us? Perhaps - pure speculation on my part - this could explain the working philosophy of many politicians.

Mr. and Mrs. or Ms Zombie are using the event to draw attention to their series, "The Walking Dead", on the Dish Network, which dropped the show after a contract dispute. At least that's the claim and they're sticking to it. Blood and guts weren't involed.

Elephant art goes for big bucks

Some of us produce painted masterpieces and hope for the best in finding a buyer. Then there are some artists in the animal world that have ready purchasers. A Czech female Asian elephant, Shanti (love that name) whose studio is in the Prague Zoo, is creating canvases that are selling for £1,000 and expectations are that their value will rise with time. They are being auctioned off for a good cause with the funds being put towards the purchase of veterinary equipment for an elephant zoo in Sri Lanka.

The elephant/artist was handed a brush by her keeper who taught her how to grasp it and the rest, as they say, is history. Her (Shanti) motivation to create elephantine art is food but for whatever reason, possible artistic block (been there - experienced that), she has not produced any new art making the current canvases a limited edition, which could go up in value. In case someone reading this is in the area, Shanti's art is on display at the Marthi Gallery in Prague, Czechoslovakia. No indication on the medium used.

Fowl language gets pet into trouble

Cockatoos are known to have an extensive vocabulary and will pick up words and mimic song lyrics among other tricks. Sometimes, however and depending on who's doing the teaching, it can get a bird into legal trouble.

Willy, a cockatoo, was accused of allegedly and repeatedly calling a neighbor "a whore." The incident is part of a year-long dispute between two neighbors that lead to legal proceedings. The bird and its owner are being accused in Municipal Court of violating the city's animal-noise law. I mean and JMHO, even if the bird did say this, perhaps it was referring to - I dunno - a passing squirrel...another bird... Go know! One - me - wonders if the bird will be called to testify in its own defence.

Willy - did you call Ms Blah-Blah a whore?"

(head bobbing up-and-down)
One-two-three-four... Willy can open the door

He could have meant that...

Definitely the cat's meow

Some - most cats actually - do whatever they want, ignoring human presence. Then there are cats that acquire fame and become Internet video stars and become recognized for being

A film festival dedicated to cats, recognized its first winner and recipient of the Golden Kitty Award, for being part of the most popular cat-based video that has gone viral on YouTube. The winner, Henri 2, who was the main and only star of Paw de Deux, directed and shot by William Braden, featured Henri doing what cats do best, lay around and look bored.

In the video, Henri (written the french way) is heard to utter phrases while staring out of a window that include, "I am free to go yet I remaiI alone feel this torment. The 15 hours a day I sleep have no effect. I wake to the same tedium." He also opines later, "I alone feel this torment. I am surrounded by morons."

The cat celeb acquired more than 10,000 votes to give him first place. No indication who was in second, third...and subsequent places. The video was filmed in the same manner as the Academy Award film, "The Artist" and the award handed out in the Walker Art Gallery in Minneapolis.
Here is the award winning cat in his starring role:

New Jersey mom sleepwalks her way on to YouTube

Not sure how most moms would react but when Nick Foti saw his mom sleepwalking, he decided to catch the moment on video.  He then opened up his mom's night time stroll by sharing it with YouTube viewers. In the video, Nick captures mom dancing around and goes into an explanation as to the rationale behind her moves.

Rather than merely relating the story, here is the video. You judge whether mom has all the right moves.

Just thinking...not sure if all moms would welcome being highlighted on YouTube. Whad'ya think?

Painting bought in U.S. flea market a $$$ masterpiece

Like many people reading this will agree, it's lots of fun browsing the goods on sale at flea markets. You never know what bargains can be found and sometimes the purchase turns out to be worth big bucks.

A Virginia woman who was looking through the tables at a local flea market saw a doll, part of a box filled with items seemingly of no value, which caught her eye so she bought the box for $50. Presumably pleased with the purchase, she never imagined in her wildest dreams that the box also contained - wait for it - a painting with the signature that read, Renoir. "The" Renoir. Before finding out that her purchase was a real bargain that most of us dream about and liking the frame, she began ripping the back of the painting but stopped on the advice of her mother who thought the painting could be worth a lot of money. That's a real understatement. After checking out the painting, it turned out to be Renoir's, "Paysage Bords du Seine" that is expected to bring $100,000 when auctioned off.

Here is a photo of the painting:

As I've frequently said upon reading these articles, mine go for a lot less. What did you find at the flea market, lately?

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