Saturday, December 03, 2005


Problems, problems... Do they ever end?

According to a news report every year hordes of Brits head on over to Rovaniemi, Finland. Ever hear of the place? Me neither.

You would think logically that they must have some great sales over in Finland, right? Or perhaps they're offering a great smorgesbord?


Seems the big attraction in Rovaniemi is Santa's Workshop! Go figure!
They're estimating that departing planes will be filled to capacity and 90 percent of the Brits will be flying over southern Finland, causing one big traffic jam and a backlog of planes. How many planes? More than 25 planes per hour will be in Finnish air space en route to see the jolly old elf himself. In fact there is so much air traffic that it forces restriction on your regular-type flights over Norway.

This leads one to question as to why the Brits travel there in the first place. Is there no local workshop in the U.K.?

So many questions that require answers:
Where does Santa (or Father Christmas as he's known in the U.K.) make his toys? In his basement? Or perhaps he rents space?
What about the elves? How do they figure into this scenario? Where do they sleep and is their union aware of this exodus?
Has Queen Liz been informed that her royal and not-so-loyal subjects are spending their hard-earned cash in Finland, of all places?
Next thing you know, Walmart will be opening up in Rovaniemi!

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