Monday, December 26, 2005


Over the years many children have collected and played with Barbie, the popular fashionista with the frozen smile and bleached blond hair with no visible black roots. The doll who has spawned hundreds of plastic twin sisters has a wardrobe to die for, both literally and figuratively.

Seems that there are some girls - probably a minority - that have taken to torturing the poor girl...I mean, doll. According to research published recently by British academics (interesting that a lot of this type of "scientific" research is by Brits) young females consider this a part of their legitimate play ranging from burning Barbie's hair to decapitating her head and nuking Barbie in the microwave!

Researchers questioned 100 primary school children to gauge their attitudes to a range of products as part of a branding study, and discovered that Barie provoked the strongest reaction. The study indicated that many of the girls viewed Barbie as an inanimate object and not a lovable toy.

Maybe it's those blue eyes of hers that never blink and follow you everywhere. I mean, the girl...doll can't even stand up for herself for goodness sake, due to perpetually arched feet and lack of toes. IMHO - her real downfall arrived the day she said 'sayonara' to Ken. People began to take sides and this is the inevitable result. Mutilation.

There are some people...dolls that should never break up.

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