Thursday, December 01, 2005


Is it just me or are there others "out there" who feel sorry for Christmas trees? There's something sad about towering fir trees cut down in the prime of what should be a long and healthy life span. Anyone who has seen pine or spruce trees growing in their natural state in the wilderness cannot but be awed. Of course they would look a whole lot better if they could also grow some ornaments but perhaps that's asking a bit much. In return for providing Christmas celebrants with a place in which to hang thingies on and gifts beneath, they spend the remaining life span in a trash can among discarded Christmas edibles like grandma's fruit cake and aspic. They deserve better.

On the other hand vinyl Christmas trees live forever. It's kind of creepy when you think about it. These sassy and perky wanna-be's come in shades to match your decorating scheme like silver, gold, yellow, lavender (lavendar), pink and of course, your basic green.

To get back to the real-tree or fake-tree issue or dilemma, Christmas trees as the name infers should last only during the Christmas period. However, the vinyl wanna-be's ingratiate themselves in celebrant's homes. It's like guests who come to visit but never leave and why not? They don't drop pine needles, their branches never droop and they don't even require water to keep them fresh. They're always the way nature intended or wanted them to be. How can a real fir compete? Here is something to think about: a ground up Christmas tree makes great compost. Hey - try and do that with your plastic version!

By the way is it holiday tree or Christmas tree? Or perhaps Chanukah Bush?

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