Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Hello Rover? It's me! Pick up!"

ET isn't the only one to phone home. For those who are looking for the perfect holiday gift, here's an idea whose time has come.

A communications company based in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada), has created a water-proof, voice-enabled GPS cell phone for dogs that will be available early next year. The phone, which will be bone-shaped, is targeted for roming pooches that enjoy a foray sometimes far from home. The bone phone will allow owners to contact their pets and track them down.

Statistically, approximately 9.7 milliion pets have gone missing since December 31, 2004.

The bone phone that will sell for approximately $350 - call plans and roaming charges haven't as yet been determined - attaches to a dog collar and has two buttons: one to call the owner's home and the other to contact the owner's cell phone.

The PetCell is set up to recognize only the number the owner enters. This means that Fido or Fifi won't be harrassed by wrong numbers and pesky telemarketers. Too bad they can't set up the same type of service for humans.

Even though dogs won't be downloading dog food commercial videos on their cells, the phone has some perks including a "geo fence capability" that alerts ownwers if poochie leaves the yard.

What's next? A cell phone for parakeets, hamsters, pet rabbits and iguanas? The mind boggles.

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