Thursday, January 05, 2006


It's always been a dream of mine... Okay. I thought about it from time to time, to get two pet angel fish on the Letterman show... Or Leno if he would be interested. Unfortunately, it was never to be since both fish have since gone to meet their maker in that great toilet in the sky. However, there are other pets that truly do deserve to make an appearance on one of the shows, especially being that this hero is a cat.

After entering an apartment in Columbus, Ohio recently to answer a 911 call for help, police were baffled to find an orange-and-tan striped cat lying next to the phone on the living room floor. Meanwhile, the cat's owner lay on the ground near his bed having fallen out of his wheelchair. The owner who couldn't get up due to pain caused by osteoporosis and mini-strokes believes that his cat, Tommy, managed to hit the 911 buttons and get help.

The police received the 911 from the cat's owner's apartment but when they attempted to verify or ascertain the situation, there was no answer. It was at that point that they decided to check things out. When they entered the apartment they found Tommy next to the phone.

The cat's owner acquired his cat three years ago to help lower his blood pressure, and attempted to train him to call 911. Anyone who has ever owned (does anyone really own a cat? Not!) or has a cat will ascertain that it's difficult at best to teach a cat to do anything. Dogs yes - cats no. Perhaps the cat realizing that his meal would be late decided that it would be in his (the cat's) best interest to get help and made the call. Go know!

According to the report the phone is always kept on the floor with 12 small buttons including a speel dial set for 911.

Even if Tommy should make it to Letterman or Leno show, chances are he will do absolutely nothing when ordered to repeat his act of valor because that's what cats do best. Ignore the world.

"Tommy - show how you dialed 9-1-1," his master will order, at which point the cat would look up with that "yeah - sure!" look in his eye and go to sleep.

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