Monday, January 23, 2006


Today is election day in Canada.

This means that Canadians all accross the country will be going to the local polling stations to elect the politicians they feel best represents their needs. Some will get their needs fulfilled, others won't. That's the way the system works.


Let's say... for the sake of argument that some voters are less than enchanted with the choices of candidates in their riding. Let's say... they want to express their distaste with the options available and decide to take it to the extreme and want to make a public statement by let's say...eating their ballot. Eating a ballot it appears is a no-no (let's not discuss the fact that it's an instant case of indigestion, which could be even worse than the actual act of voting for a candidate that one doesn't like).

According to Section 167(2)(a) of the Canada Elections Act, "no person shall wilfully alter, deface or destroy a ballot." Conviction could bring a $500 fine or three months in jail.

It would be interesting to know if anyone has been convicted of eating their vote.

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