Thursday, January 19, 2006


Come slide with me...

For those unfamiliar with the CN Tower located in Toronto, Canada, boasts that it is the world's largest tower. Don't know if "the Donald" would agree with that given his extensive real estate endeavors, but let's accept this as fact. Dimensionally, it stands at 1,815 ft., 5 inches) tall and according to the information blurb on the Tower's site, it attracts approximately 2 million visitors. As one of those visitors let me state for the record that it's a fun elevator ride up to the top, after which one gets to see an overview of Toronto. That takes about...3 minutes and then it's an ear-blocking ride down.

Obviously, having that many visitors presents an opportunity for a smart entrepreneur to come up with an idea to make the experience even more memorable. Writer Douglas Coupland who coined the term, Generation X, is toying with the idea of creating - wait for it - a tobbagan run for the building. Picture a tobaggan run for the Empire State Building and this will give you an idea of the challenge. This would involve bringing in who-knows-how-much snow (or ice) in to the middle of Toronto, which is always busy with traffic. Don't know how City Hall would take to this - um - unique concept since Toronto has been known to bring in the army to clear roads in really bad snow storms. In fact a few years ago a former mayor did just that.

For his part Coupland opined that it would be "the world's biggest tobaggan run" and that accomplishing the actual job "wouldn't be that hard to do."

If the tobaggan run does become a reality, can a run for the Empire State building be far behind?


Strange bedfellows?

There have been stories about strange or unusual animal friendships made but a friendship between a hamster and a snake is a disaster in the making. Then again perhaps not.

A rat snake named Aochan has become the best-buddy of Gohan, a female hamster. Perhaps the furry one isn't aware that the snake who goes by the name Aochan, means meal in Japanese. The pair were "introduced" to each other after the snake went off frozen rodents. Maybe one of frozen rodents had passed its "good until" date and caused a tummy upset... Go know.

Anyway, when the unsuspecting Gohan was dropped in the cage originally as a main course, the snake did what snakes usually do and slithered up - and then made friends! The two have been inseperable pals ever since, zookeepers report.

Even though the snake has re-developed an appetite for frozen rodents, he has kept his fangs off his friend. So far.

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