Monday, January 16, 2006


Our planet is getting more and more weird by the day. It's bad enough when people use walls to empty their bladders instead of a toilet. However, it's beyond weird when a person pretends to pee.

Take the case of this Danish artist who was fined Monday for pretending to urinate in public. The pretend-urinator (or unrinatee) was well known in his field and the area in which he lived as a painter who decorated house walls. This leads one to wonder whether he was a run-of-the-mill house painter who was good at his craft or he drew portraits/still life etc. directly on to the surface of the wall.

When arrested(!)in Herning, 270 kilometres west of Copenhagen, his excuse was that it was an artistic stunt and he didn't mean for it to be indecent.


He pretended to pee by hiding a plastic bag filled with water in his pants and squeezed water on the wall. This leads one to wonder how he accomplished this. Thinking logically, in order to make an impact on a wall and given that the plastic bag filled with water was inside his pants, he would have had to lift a pant leg and shake his leg to get water to splash on to the wall. Even then it probably would have just dripped downwards on to the ground directly at his feet. Or...speculating further, maybe he kept putting his hand inside his pants, dipped his hands in water and flung it at the wall. That act in itself could get him into trouble. Since the exact method wasn't supplied, we'll never know.

The court for its part, was not amused and ruled that it wasn't necessary to establish whether he urinated or sprinkled water. It deemed his conduct "obscene" and unlawful, and fined him $165 US.

One wonders the rationale for creating this "artistic stunt." I mean, what type of statement was he trying to make? That art is in the eyes of the beholder?

"Oh my - look at that pretty pattern on the wall," a passer-by might comment. "Such an intricate pattern. I wonder how it was created."

Okay. If he wanted to attract attention and get publicity, he should have wrapped something i.e. himself, town hall, etc. with toilet paper or something along those lines. Even then, how would that further his career?

"Dear...why don't we hire that know...the one who pretended to urinate on the wall?"


Perhaps he just had toilet issues. Go know.

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