Sunday, April 15, 2007


Forgive this indulgence of posting my frustration, ire and angst here but I'm frustrated. There's nothing I can do about it but we're expecting as is the case in many geographical locations in the U.S. up to 15" of snow tonight and tomorrow. You read it right: fifteen inches of new, cold white stuff! I mean - how's a gardener to garden?

Many of my perennials are starting to poke through the earth because it's (supposed to be) Spring. The earth is finally de-frosting and the grass is beginning to grow in addition to turning green and in as far as the birds are concerned, it's Spring. The rats with fluffy tails a.k.a. squirrels are also out in abundance digging up the garden searching for food items buried last autumn and a member of the neighborhood skunk family has been spotted. 'Mr. A' our sidewalk and driveway cleaner has finished his yearly contract, which means we're on our own when it comes to clearing the snow.

Actually, when it comes to clearing sidewalks 'Mr. A' prefers or opts to wait until the snow stops falling completely before he and his hench men...helpers show up. When contacted to remind him that we are his clients, he inevitably responds: "the storm not over yet. It gonna snow some more and then we gotta come back." My response to him is "well Mr. A, why wash my face every day if it's going to get dirty again?"

Why we retain his services year after year is a mystery. Probably because feedback from other neighbors indicates that the other snowclearers are worse.

So I'm waiting and worrying. What else can I do? Perhaps an anti-snow dance would be in order but then what would the neighbors think?

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