Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Let's say...a house in the Hamptons isn't a viable option and there's this yearning for a vacation home that's a cut-above-the-rest.

"Oh we're not going to Florida this year," you might open your conversation with your friends. "We'll be visiting our winter/summer mansion in East Yorkshire. You know - horsies, tea, crumpets, Queen Liz and Phil- the whole shebang. Florida is so...you know...nouveau riche," you'll comment, while sipping your sherry in the drawing room. It might be more obtainable than you think.

A British family want to give away their mansion in Old Parsonage near Goole, East Yorkshire. Interested?

The owners of said mansion, Kath and Alf Overy (Kath and Alf...Alf and Kath...) tried selling it but didn't have any takers listed at £650,000, so they decided instead to offer their 300 year old home as a contest prize, instead.

According to Mr. Overy there have been a lot of updates over the years (I bet!) but the woodwork and beams are orginal. Whew! I know that was a great concern of mine.

The way the contest works is that contestants who pay 60£ to enter, have to look at a doctored photograph of the house and guess where a missing shadow should fall.


Guess...where a shadow should fall? Wouldn't that be subjective depending on the person viewing the photo? Perhaps a person/contestant could erroneously see a shadow let's say...on the left side of the roof but it won't be the right shadow because the right or correct shadow would be the one on the left side of a window...

Anyhow, the couple have limited the amount of entries to 25,000 and once they have covered the cost of the house, plan to donate any remaining money to the International League for the Protection of Horses.

Okay. Horses before people...or the environment or...world hunger...

So at this point people reading this are probably thinking: 'now just how do I go about winning this Georgian mansion of which you speak or write. You just key in: http://www.winthishome.org.uk/index.php to get the rules on how to enter.


Read the information blurb here: http://www.winthishome.org.uk/index.php



Anonymous said...

"A British family wants to give away their mansion..."

Great grammar.

Anonymous said...

"Great grammar".

Great grammar.