Saturday, April 14, 2007

Zoo veterinarian unaware of the concept

Here's one for the unaware-of-the-concept category that crocodiles+available humans=snack.
We're talking here about people-unaware-of-the-end-result or he-should-have-known-better file. Popularly known as 'duh'.

So this man who is a zoo veterinarian no less indicating he has knowledge and experience dealing with dangerous animals, enters the crocodile compound or cage or whatever and wherever crocs live, in Taiwan. According to reports the vet was in the crocodile's cage to examine the croc since it was sick and was administering an aenesthetic dart, given crocodile's propensity to bite without provocation. Perhaps he should have considered an alternative method of shooting a dart from outside the cage but for whatever reason, he decided to get up close and personal with the beast.

At the point where he i.e. the vet, was about to remove the tranquilizer dart and not noticing that the croc wasn't fully aenesthesised, the crocodile made its move biting off the man's fore-arm. Again it makes one wonder how a professional veterinarian with knowledge regarding all types of zoo animals could have missed the signs.

Initial reports indicated that shots fired at the crocodile by a co-worker killed it however an updated report now claims that no bullet holes have been found in its (the crocodile's) hide.

Darn - there goes a crocodile purse!

Seriously though... According to a zoo worker the crocodile, shocked at the fact that it was a target, opened its mouth and let go of the severed arm. A local video report showed the police officer firing at the animal to retrieve the arm.

Anyway...the bottom line to all of this is that the arm was rushed to the hospital where it was re-attached.

Here is the "before" photo:,23599,21543403-2,00.html

There is no report on how the crocodile is doing.

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