Friday, August 29, 2008

Barbie and company win big bucks and we're not talking about monopoly money

After a legal fight that left Barbie, the plastic fashionista and her rivals, the Bratz not on speaking terms, Barbie's "parent", Mattel, was awarded $100 million dollars in damages from MGA Entertainment, the creator of the popular Bratz, in a copyright spat.

The award followings a ruling in July that MGA and its CEO, Isaac Larian, stole conceptual drawings of the Bratz, who are now more popular than Barbie and friends. The federal jury involved in the case also ruled that Bratz designer, Carter Bryant had the idea while still working for Mattel, also finding that MGA aided in breach of contract and that Larian played a role in the deal.

Such goings-on but read the whole story here:

Barbie reacts in a press conference

Barbie, obviously disturbed by all the legal wranglings, was concerned how this would affect her image.

"I'm just happy it's all over," Barbie commented in a hastily called press conference after the ruling. "Now we can get back to what's really important in life: this year's fashions."

Her signifigant-other, Ken, also seemed relieved although it was difficult to tell at times.

"What was the question?" Ken asked and finally after staring off into space repeating the phrase, "surfing rules!"

"You know the Bratz are nothing but interlopers who are trying to horn in on my territory!" Barbie jumped in while distributing photos of herself, Ken and G.I. Joe. "Now you look at us! Aren't we more beautiful than...than...them?" she asked members of the press while signing each photo.

"You tell them babe!" added G.I. Joe who was listening and watching from the back of the room . "Any of youze reporters give my Barbie bad press will have to deal with me!"

The room was almost cleared when a hand grenade propelled from somewhere in the room landed near the reporters. However, the press conference continued upon the realization that it was a toy.

"How about the fact that Yasmin, Jade, Cloe and Sasha have knocked you out of first place," she was asked, "and they have their own TV series and a feature film."

"All a bunch of lies!" Barbie retorted.

"Also...aren't they much younger than you?" another reporter asked. "Aren't you - like - almost fifty?"

"Age has nothing to do with it. Look at me - do I look like I've aged? Not one wrinkle anywhere. Anyway, that's a lie too."

Suddenly, the press conference ended as fast as it had begun. Barbie was over-heard to have asked Ken as they exited, "do I look old?" to which Ken replied, "surf's up!"

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