Thursday, December 25, 2008

Talking turkey and it ain't a pretty picture

This could have been his last Christmas but due to the fickle finger of fate and what people perceived to be physicial imperfections, a turkey has escaped being the center piece on a holiday table.

The turkey, Wilbur, is missing tail feathers, has a misshapen body and if that's not bad enough, he walks with a limp. To make matters worse he lives on a "pick-your-own-turkey" farm in Totnes, Devon, England and is the only turkey left.

Leading a life of turkey can be so sad - and short.

The farm owner, Peter Hayford, explained that it was his - Wilbur's - first Christmas and under normal circumstances most likely it would have been his last, however, a lucky quirk of fate (that's what I call it) made him - Wilbur - unappealing to potential customers.

It was something about Wilbur's sad and bedraggled personna that made people turn away.

Some - most -a lot of people -would say that human rejection saved his life. Actually...thinking further, does it really make a difference in the scheme of things whether a turkey has a limp, or has feathers missing when it comes to flavor? But I digress...

The farm owner, Peter Hayford, said that "Wilbur will become one of the family. He might be an ugly old thing but we think he's lovely."

Sure it's easy for Hayford to say that now given his rejection by turkey selectors! Meanwhile, Wilbur has become somewhat of a celebrity and will live out his life, roast-free.

See a photo of Wilbur here:

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