Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Computer replaces pooch as best friend?

Came accross this piece, which caused the utterance of "say what?!" Unbelievable but apparantly true according to a poll, the computer is replacing the family pooch in the best friend category.

It appears that researchers discovered a mere 6% of those polled believe that most people rely more on their dog than their PC's, while 67% are of the opinion the opposite is true. Thinking further about this poll in general, why would researchers conduct a poll of this nature, anyway? But I digress.

More distressing, 38% of dog owners revealed to depending more on their PC than their dog. Another 36% disagreed. I mean, how can one compare the family pooch to a mere mechanical...thingie? Furthermore, dog owners in the 18-24 age category said they depended more on their computer.

Duh! A dog is a living, breathing companion that responds to external stimuli i.e. petting, interacting, walks, etc. whereas a computer is...there. True a pet can't compute sophisticated mathematical equations but your furry family pooch can offer emotional feedback and solace if the occasion calls for it. Your computer is just...there. Isn't that right dog owners and people who know and love dogs, reading this? You could one assumes, take your computer for a walk but would it care?

The poll by the way, was conducted by Computeractive magazine with the RSPCA. Two-thousand British adults were polled for feedback regarding the change that modern technology has brought to their home lives. Gotta wonder bout this stat that male dog owners are almost twice as likely as female owners to rely on their computer than a canine companion. What does this indicate in the scheme of things?

The company, Computeractive is working with the RSPCA to fight for justice against animal cruelty by raising funds for five prosecution cases of animal cruelty.

So whad'ya think? Is your computer replacing your family dog...or cat...or whatever?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Snore-free hotel rooms offered by hotel chain - really!

Snorers beware! There might be a middle-of-the-night visit by the snore patrol depending on your snoring level output.

Don't know how well this is going to go over with hotel guests but the Crowne Plaza international hotel chain is using a "snore patrol" and "snore absorption rooms" in an attempt, presumably, to cut back on the sound of people snoring. It's not bad enough that hotel guests have to worry about bed begs these days and now we have to be concerned with the noise level of our snoring...presuming of course that we admit to snoring, which many of us don't, but that as they say, is another story.

It seems that snore patrols - can't believe I'm even writing this - are presently patrolling the corridors of designated quiet areas of Crowne Plaza hotels in the cities of London, Leeds and Manchester, England. Why do these type of stories seem to take place in England. But I digress. Their task should they accept it - and they do it appears - is to listen(!) for offensive noises and knock on the door of guests who snore too loudly. Again, can't believe I'm writing this.

Thinking further about their task, there are other noises that are made from other activities other than snoring if you get my drift! Do you see law suits on the way?

According to an employee Snore Monitor, the snore team conducts floor walks to check for excessive noise disruptions, focusing on the main part on quiet zone rooms. Most likely, there are electronic devices on the market that can now detect the sound levels of snorers. Upon checking in, guests have the option of staying in a snore-free room. However, if a snorer checks in a quiet free zone and - well - snores a lot disrupting the quiet, they will be offered another room away from the "quiet zone" for their next stay there.

On the plus side, guests staying in a "snore absoption room" can anticipate the latest in snore control technology to reduce repetitive noise. We're talking here about sound-proofing on the walls, headboards, anti-snoring pillows and white noise machines, whatever they are, features that are designed to ease (but not eliminate obviously) snoring.

I dunno. Knowing that anti-snoring patrols are patrolling the halls is enough to keep a hotel guest awake in itself.

So there's a knock on a hotel room door in the middle of the night:

GUEST: Who's there?

ANTI SNORE PATROL: It's Amy of the anti-snoring patrol

GUEST: Who? You have the wrong room

ANTI SNORE PATROL: We were walking by your room and it appears you are snoring a few decibels above the allowed limit

GUEST: Say what? Whad'ya talking about? Is this some type of a joke?

ANTI-SNORE PATROL: We're very serious about our job. Should you continue to snore to the point where we feel it's disturbing other guests in this snore-free zone, we will have to move you to another room

GUEST: I don't think so! Expect to hear from my lawyer in the morning.

You get the idea... What next? Anti-coughing areas...anti nose-blowing areas. The mind boggles - at least mine does.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wookie the cat presumably still missing?

Been trying to trace down whether Wookie the cat has been sighted or perhaps, but most likely not, found since he was reported missing in November of last year. People reading this might recall the story of Wookie and his desperate owner, one Mike Harding, who was fined for putting up posters in the hope that somebody would see his kitty and there would be a happy Christmas reunion. Alas, instead, Mike was threatened with a fine instead by the local council, which was eventually dropped most likely due to public outcry and adverse publicity.

Since sharing the story, I'm surprised that people still drop by this blog to read the saga and that the story still has legs. Most likely it has sustained an interest due to an ordinary citizen and obvious cat lover who was attempting to find his beloved cat but instead encountered local politics. People tend to take sides in situations where they feel a person has been unfairly wronged.

Given that there is still interest, I've been attempting to trace down any type of follow-up as to whether Wookie was found. So far, there is no information available from any news source. Anyone knowing Mike or living in the Bedford, |England, area, perhaps could provide some type of finality to the story or even Mike's e-mail address as a follow up to the story and an ending.

Anybody? BTW - Wookie if you're reading this - enquiring minds want and need to know!