Monday, May 21, 2012

Bra cup doubling as gas mask, a missing cat and Debretts rules of etiquette rate high in blog pieces

A few years ago I shared a blog piece focusing on a unique invention (to say the least) created by one Dr. Elena Bodner, who took home the Ig Nobel Prize for 2009. For the uninitiated and unknowing the Ig Nobel Prize(s) are intended to "celebrate the unusual, honor the imaginative and spur people's interest in science, medicine, and technology." One would have to agree that Ms Bodnar's invention, which won thepublic health prize for creating a dual bra that could be converted (if necessary obviously) into two gas masks falls into the unique category.

The reason for sharing this information is that there appears to be a renewed interest in this story judging by my stats. Not that I'm complaining or anything but it makes me shake my head in wonderment which pieces suddenly emerge at the top of the heap. In case you didn't catch the story, here are the coordinates and if you feel like commenting, even better.

N.B. Just a note that this story is still drawing readers as of Fri. May 25. You people never cease to amaze!

Another piece that seems to be of interest to people is how to conduct oneself in public in case one is in the company of royalty. This was a follow up to another piece where I pondered as to why I never got my invitation to the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This got me thinking about if I had received an invitation, what are the rules and regulations where royalty is concerned. I mean, how does one act and what type of conversation is acceptable? When it comes to the "how-to's" of manners and etiquette, Debrett's is the source to consult. The topic of anything pertaining to royalty is definitely of interest to people and always good to share, as is consulting Debretts. Will make a point of seeking both out..

Obviously, they were popular pieces with blog readers, too, so in case you ever get invited to a royal...anything, read this:

Although interest is definitely waning, Wookie the missing cat story focusing on a cat that went missing in December 2010, and its owner, who was threatened with a fine for putting up posters in his neighborhood is still of interest to a few people. This piece has staying power and is still being read by bloggers. By the way if you live in the vicinity of Bedford, England, keep an eye out for Wookie. Owner Mike Harding would want to know.

Although I've written many pieces focusing on a plethora of subjects, interesting how some have more staying power than others. Just thought I'd share.

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