Saturday, May 26, 2012

Two flies per toilet - do the flies know?

Okay. It's Saturday and this story caught my attention so of course I felt other people might find it interesting.

Far be it for me to criticize anyone or country for aiming to be clean when it comes to toilet hygeine. When using a public wash room, cleanliness is the by-word in as far as I'm concerned.

In an effort towards cleaner bathrooms in Beijing, China, everything is taken into consideration, even the flies. The insect - not the zipper... Officials there have stipulated that public toilets may have no more than two flies buzzing around. Not one. Not three but two flies. The new rules also set standards for odors.

This got me thinking as to how to notify flies and other flying insects that there is a limit on how many of them can hang/fly around the toilets. Also, how or who is going to verify and count them? What happens to the excess flies? There are also rules published by the commission of city administration covering cleaning and training for attendants so one (me) presumes that said attendants will oversee that there will be only two flies per toilet.

An unnamed official from the commission told local media that the guidelines on flies were meant for easy monitoring. Presumably, excess flies will be reprimanded or something. They could get one of those electronic insect zappers, which would simplify the task.

There is no information as to whether failing washrooms will be punished and if so, how. Hopefully, flies can count.

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