Friday, May 18, 2012

Psychic pig claims to see the future

Look into my crystal ball...I see money...lots of money for my handlers...

First we had Paul the Octopus who predicted the winners of World Cup games and now we have - wait for it - a psychic pig. Tried to dig out the name of the porker prognosticator but seems that he's merely known as "a pig," no name given.

"PP" - for psychic pig - as he shall be known for writing purposes, has been accorded the honor of predicting the results of the matches at the European Championships to be held in the Ukraine and Poland. Just thinking...I wonder how his (or her) psychic powers were tested. But I digress.

The Kiev city government plans to wheel out "PP" in the hope that he/she will give daily psychic predictions when the tournament kicks off next month.

In a press statement, the porker was described as "a unique oracle hog, a real Ukranian pig and a psychic which knows the mysteries of football."

So this got me thinking again, how do they know that he's a football prognosticator? I mean, what has the pig done or said or grunted that led people to believe that he's even a football fan and a psychic?

The report went on, "every day at 16:00, 'it' (sex of pig not described) will predict the result of the upcoming match.

Thinking further (too much time on my hands), how will he/she give out the predictions and is there anybody on planet Earth who can understand swine-ish? Grunts are grunts are grunts. Are there different tone qualities to grunts?

Before Paul the Octopus, there were also other prognosticators including a rare two-headed tortoise called Magdalena, and a cross-eyed opposum who went by the name of Heidi, who was reputed to have picked Oscar winners.

Wonder if the pig will use tarot cards or perhaps they''ll count oinks - go know!

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