Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yet another "psychic" animal joins the predictors. Who next?

This is getting ridiculous. Yet another alleged psychic beast has joined the ever increasing number of non-human seers who will predict the winners in Euro 2012. The word "alleged" is used since it's difficult to test the animals psychic powers at best. They could be merely hungry but I digress.

So anyway, the latest star attraction is one Fred the Ferret who hails from the Ukraine. Other non human soothsayers include the late and first soothsayer, Paul the Octopus, followed by Khryak the hog of Kiev (like the sound of that) and Citta the elephant of Krakow, Poland. Visually, Fred is very cute and is reputed to be very friendly. Hopefully, the friendship will continue if and when his predictions may not come to pass but I digress. Again.

The way it works is that Fred will be introduced to two plates of food with the flags of the competing teams and the selected food bowl will be declared as the favorite. This leads one - me - to wonder if perhaps - pure speculation here - Fred may just take to one food type more than another. I mean, it could be!

All of this sudden psychic prediculation using non humans seems to be on the increase. Who knows where it could lead. Perhaps down the line somebody will introduce Charlie the cockroach whose rotten food choices will determine team winners, or Syd the spider whose selections would depend on web interpretation. I mean, the mid boggles - at least mine does. As a change of pace and taking it to the extreme, maybe somebody will come up with watching pickles age in jars with match results dependent on which pickles age the fastest. When it's all said and done, animals or pickles, the results are equally dependable.

Meanwhile, here is a photo of Fred.

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