Thursday, August 23, 2012

Snake bites man - man bites back

This is one of those stories that really makes one (me) shake one"s head in wonder and bewilderment. In the way of clarification, I'm not a snake lover or even liker and take the attitude of live-and-let-live where they're concerned.

According to an article in the Annapurna Post in Nepal, a man who shall remain nameless, chased a snake, the type that most of us would run as fast as our legs would allow us to, in the other direction. We're talking here about a cobra, which the man bit - you read it right - bit as an act of revenge.

Seems that said snake bit him first while he was working in his rice paddy. This act so enraged the man that he physically pursued said snake until he caught it, and exacted revenge by sinking his teeth into said snake.

So I'm thinking did the man know that this was the very same snake that bit him in the first place? I mean, cobras do look alike and what he believed to be the attacker could be another cobra that just happened along. Right? The actual perp cobra could still be out there. Right?

"Eleanor - you've got to get a life!"

Anyway....the man was not charged with the killing of a cobra since cobras aren't endangered species.

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