Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Canadians hold annual GI Joe Convention - Barbie is indifferent - Ken goes surfing

Although she was rumored be there, Barbie, the vinyl fashionista, did not attend the yearly Canadian GI Joe Convention. Word had it that (GI) Joe was more than a little upset.

The 10th annual convention held on Saturday, August 11th in Toronto, Canada, was established by GI Joe fan, Michael Heddle, whose store was the impetus for the creation of the event. The toy soldier (he  considers himself Barbie's personal toy-boy), who was created by Hasbro in 1964, has been a constant presence in the fashionista's life, much to Barbie's chagrin.

"Like...he doesn't leave my side for a second," Barbie commented when contacted as to the reason for her no-show. "He even stands on guard outside the bathroom when I pee or do - you know - the other thing! I mean, a girl has to have some privacy. I need some alone time!"

The one-day event featured conferences about the toys, which featured a bounty of old and newer Joes.

Seems that Toronto isn't the only location to hold a convention. In the U.S., he will hold center-stage at Coil Con, the mid-west's largest G.I. Joe convention, which has been around for 3 years. The convention will take place in Kokomo, Indiana on September 8th, in case anyone reading this is interested in attending.

"I'm everywhere where there's an enemy that needs taken care of," Joe stated confidently, his eyes darting around the room checking out the faces for signs of an attack.

When asked his feelings about Barbie's not being there, Joe's eyes filled with tears but quickly regained his composure and assumed his knee position.

"Barbie knows I can always be counted on to protect her from the enemy and believe me - she's got a lot of 'em, especially that Blaine dude from Austra-alia-land or wherever the heck he hails from. She needs special protection from him."

When contacted to ascertain the reason for his absence at the convention, Ken, Barbie's ex or current man in her life, seemed vague about the convention, generally.

"Do 'ya like my new surf board?" Ken commented, carressing it from top to bottom. "Is that the ocean I hear? Surf's up! Gotta go!"

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