Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Some thoughts about microwaved clothes, Chloe Kardashian and other weird but interesting stuff

It's the dog days of summer on the cusp of autumn and as shared in a previous blog, the silly wind-down of stories that seem to pop up but are worth sharing and maybe a thought or two, at least in my opinion.

Not in the moo-ood for love

It was veally a case of unrequitted love. In order to deflect the advances of an over-amorous bull, a Siberian cow climbed to the top of the stairs in the hope of losing him. The cow was found at the very top of a five storey apartment building in the village of Lesogork, mooing her angst to anyone and everyone within hearing range, including the bull who was waiting patiently bellow at the bottom of the stairs for the object of his affection. Sounds like a scene out of a cartoon. According to a government spokesperson, said bull had heaped a lot of attention on said cow throughout summer, but for whatever reason i.e. perhaps unrequitted bovine love on her part, the cow rejected his amorous advances. The bull for his part must have felt udderly rejected.

In the end and like a scene out of a western movie, firemen roped the cow by the horns and pulled her her down the stairs. No word on whether the bull was waiting. It's a moot point in the end, anyway.

Maybe his clothes dryer wasn't working

So a man living in Weymouth, England, for whatever reason and one presumes he had run out of them, had some (presumably) wet underwear that required drying. No information supplied as to why he didn't use a conventional method or appliance, which would would have handled the job but he didn't. Instead, he decided to use his microwave oven to dry two pairs of socks and two pairs of underwear, resulting in a fire. Duh! Obviously, he wasn't aware that microwave ovens are meant to heat up food and underwear doesn't fall into the food category unless...but I digress.

Upon reflection and even if his action hadn't resulted in a fire, it's kind of blechy bordering on gagging to use the same microwave for cooking purposes after having been used as a receptacle for underwear. The man was led to safety by neighbors. No information as to whether he plans to replace the microwave but it's certain he will buy more underwear. Then again - maybe not. Go know.

Attention master - baaaaad wolf nearby!

Swiss sheep (trying say that fast after a few drinks) may soon be texting a message to warn shepherds that a wolf on the prowl, thanks to a new invention worn around their necks. Sheep are a tasty meal enjoyed by wolves (the four-legged type) who enjoy an quick meal caught easily, but this may soon change. The new device created by a Swiss biologist will alert a shepherd if the heart rate of a sheep suddenly increases dramatically. A lurking wolf could definitely cause this type of reaction.

Faced with the increasing threat of wolf attacks that are occurring with frequency, the sheep break through fences to flee for their lives (wouldn't we all?), especially those that are part of a smaller flock without the protection of a sheep dog. The collars will be fitted with a chip alerting the shepherd via text message when sheep are distressed and presumably, the shepherd would take care of the big bad wolf one way or another.Seems that the big, bad wolves travel from Italy where they attack Swiss sheep. If this proves to be a successful deeterrent, other countries including France and Norway would be interested in using the collar.

"Survivor" stripped down

Love that Huffington Post's weird news, where some some really off-beat articles are shared. This caught my eye. People reading this and living in the vicinity of Chesnee, SC, are probably aware that there's a nudist resort in the area. If not - they know now. Hanging out (in the true sense of the word) without clothes  sets them apart from regular folk and members of the nudist resort, for the shear fun of doing it, sponsor a challenge with a difference. One could and would say that going clothes-less is a challenge in itself but I digress.

For more than three years, the Carolina Foothills Nudist Resort holds a "Survivor - Nudist Style" in which they outwit, outplay and outlast each other in the nude.

Obviously, word of the games has spread and contestants from all over the U.S. of A compete in challenges that include balancing red balls on square pieces of wood, completing a puzzle underwater, water volleyball and the ever popular, bean-bag toss. These are tough challenges people!

Alas, the stakes are not as lucrative as in the real "Survivior" where the winner gets $1 million, since the victor receives a 2-foot tiki trophy. In case people reading this want to find out more information about the resort and/or the challenge, here are the coordinates to the resort:

Just who is Chloe Kardashian, anyway?

Perhaps it's an "age thing" but can anybody reading this explain this public fascination with the Kardashians? Somehow and for whatever reason, this name has become a regular presence in the show-biz reports. This leads one - me - to wonder just who are they and what have they accomplished that makes them newsworthy? Anybody? In any case, this story/report sort-of took me by surprise. Seems that Chloe Kardashian is - wait for it - being considered as a panel judge for this year's U.S. "X-Factor". attributes does Ms Chloe have other than a well-known last name, that would make her a good judege? Anybody? At least Britney Spears is a singer as is Mariah Carey but Chloe Kardashian? Strikes me that the judges i.e. Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez et al, are getting paid big bucks to promote their latest albums, after which they leave. Can't say that the show has grabbed my attention but then American Idol is slowly making its way in a downward motion. Maybe it's time to say adieu to these shows?

So how was your week?

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