Wednesday, January 17, 2007


IMHO - there was something missing in last night's seasonal debut of American Idol and it wasn't for the lack of - how shall we say - interesting performers. Maybe that complacency factor kicked in for me. Those auditioning ranged from juggling whatevers to a wanna-be lioness from Oz (some would say she was way, way over the rainbow) and singers - correction - screamers who lived in Never-Never-land. Frequently, I found myself cringing and looking down, unable to watch the TV screen out of embarrassment for them. Some were that bad. Then again I think I sound great in the shower but I relegate my singing to when the water is running.

However, what really struck me was the lack of gung-ho spirit from the gang.

We're talking here about a very sedate Ryan Seacrest who didn't appear "into it", a surprisingly 'nice-ish' (not completely though thank goodness!) Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson who was the most enthusiastic of the judges. The best that could be said for Paula Abdul is that she managed to say awake in a semi-slouching position in her seat and if she did comment, I didn't hear or didn't understand. Oh well...

Obviously, the show still has an amazing-bordering-on-phenomonal drawing power in that the show averaged a 37.3 million viewers overall. Multiply those numbers by advertisers and we're talking bigggg money.

Am I a fan? You bet'cha. How could I possibly pass up the opportunity or chance of somebody singing yet another chorus of Somewhere Over the Rainbow? Indeed.

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