Monday, January 15, 2007


This falls into the category of "for-people-who-have-everything-and-don't-know-what-else-to-buy."

Seems that some enterprising U.S. inventor (or somebody with a lot of time on her/his hands) has created the 'Fish'n'Flush, replacing your standard toilet tank with a fish tank.

This begs the question or moral issue of the possibility that due to a gravitational pull, a pet fish could accidentally (some might go as far as to say on purpose) be pulled in the swirling eddy of a toilet bowl. Of course the other way of looking at this addition is that it makes the job of disposing dead fishies easier. One flush and it's a done deed. There is the issue of flushing the wrong fish... Perhaps it's a means in which to cut back on fishy-doo-doo that is known to accumulate at the base of the tank. Then there's the issue of visiting guests using the bathroom having to share it with pet cats living in the house...

Just some random thoughts... I'm a big thinker.

See an actual photo of the Fish'n'Flush here:

Read the story here:

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