Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Usually, I rarely watch the Golden Globes but for one reason or another, i.e. the lack of anything better in/on view, I decided to tune in last night. Glad I did if for no other reason than the gorgeous gowns worn by the s*t*a*r*s. There was glam abounding with the big name designers going all out given the opportunity to show off their creative artistry in anticipation of the Academy Awards, and the hope of attracting a big name performer to wear their latest creations. You can't buy that type of publicity.

Loved Helen Mirren's dress, style plus understatement and the perfect dress for her.
The always glam and sexy, Eva Longoria, looked hot in a red gown by Bob Mackie, who used to dress Cher.
Keira Knightly wearing a form fitting Valentino gown fit the glamorous mold perfectly.
Pamela Anderson who is usually missing fabric in her outfits for one reason or another went the opposite direction with fabric, fabric and more fabric. Maybe they had a special on her particular fabric. Pass - or bump...
Lost's Evangeline Lily certainly chose the right dress in a stunning green number.
Cate Blanchette had that special something in Alexander McQueen.

On the whole glamor was the word for the evening however somebody should take newcomer and first-time winner, America Ferrera, under their fashion wing. That being said - or written - it was very refreshing in her thank-you speech to address the contentious subject of weight and body image that is pervasive in Hollywood. In her role as Ugly Betty,
Ferrera praised the Globes for honoring a program filled with diversity that wored against stereotypes. She went on to say that since starring in the show she had been approached and thanked by "regular" people i.e. you/me, for assuming the role of a female that does not fit the perfect body image prevalent in society. Good for her!

Now on to the Oscars.

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