Monday, January 08, 2007

GREASE is the word - at least NBC hopes so

Have to admit that any time the film, "Grease" is on the TV grid, I tune in. First and foremost, I like John Revolt...I mean, John Travolta and the film is just happy, happy, happy with great songs. There have been numerous revivals and road shows and high school performances accross North America and beyond and NBC is banking on the show's long-standing popularity by creating a new TV show, "Grease - You're the One That I Want" with the premise being a search for the new Sandy and Danny for an upcoming Broadway revival.

The program is based on the same formula as American Idol with three judges including a British investor, a well-known Broadway choreographer who will be creating all the right moves and the original creator of the show. Singer (this term should be used loosely in the cases of some of the "singers") after singer audition for the judges and are either given their walking papers or told to hang around and try out to be a resident of Grease Academy, where presumably the finalists will be narrowed down until the final Sandy and Danny are chosen.

The opening show lasted a very long 90 minutes because for some reason or another and for lack of a better word, it lacked personality. The three judges were...there but what was really missing was a cantankerous Simon Cowell, a flitty Paula Abdul and a Randy. There was no inter-action between the Grease trio and it was strictly an all work and a bore to be honest. The fact that most of the young people trying out for the show sang the same Grease numbers over and over in an obvious bid impress the judges that they fit the parts, didn't help. Overall the show can best be described as lacking originality and not the one that I want.

Yawn... I'll pass and one wonders how many others will, too.

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