Friday, March 30, 2007

AIR GUITAR NATION - the sound of (guitar) silence

This is one belongs in the "what next?" category - at least for me, anyway.

Haven't seen it yet and I doubt whether I will but there's a film, "Air Guitar Nation" that is devoted to the non-playing of a guitar. The film, a documentary directed by Alexandra Lipsitz, focuses upon the "art" of pretending to play the guitar. Just like on home videos.

The film covers a festival originating in Finland in which (presumably-but-not-necessarily) people who aspire to playing a guitar, settle for playing an invisible guitar. The end result is - well - silence except for the amps and speakers that blare out the music to which the none guitar players...don't play along. Or something like that.

Can air flute nation or air harp nation or air violin nation be far behind? The possibilities stagger the mind.

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