Friday, March 23, 2007


Like many people, I enjoy American Idol because it's such fun and so easy to criticize the singers while relaxing in my den, watching them on TV. Usually, after watching contestants I will comment something to the effect: "not good, blank (whoever happens to sing that I believe to be bad). You're gonna have to be a lot better than that to stay in the running."

I like to think of myself as relatively objective when it comes to judging the Idol performers but one contestant - and I think I speak for many viewers - Sanjaya Malakar - is an enigma. Okay. The guy's got nice hair and he has a warm smile that shows lots of teeth but... The guy can't sing! How he's survived the cut so far is beyond my comprehension in spite of being in the bottom three. The only reason that I can think of is that if Simon Cowell expresses a complete disdain and distaste for a particular singer, America will automatically keep him. It's as if Idol watchers are purposely trying to spite Simon. Hence, Sanjaya's followers will get the word and the vote out.

Maybe the best tactic for Cowell to take is to smile while gritting his teeth and comment on some non-singing asset about the guy (Sanjaya) i.e. his hair is combed nicely or his outfit is nice. Perhaps then American Idol voters, in an effort to display their distaste for Simon's comments, will finally vote Sanjaya off. It's worth a shot - anything is at this point to end the agony.

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Anonymous said...

You give them too much credit. They're too stupid to vote with any sense of logic.

Then again, the entire AI universe practically reeks of stupidity. Its popularity among the great unwashed is easy to understand.