Thursday, March 15, 2007


Is it just my imagination or has everyone of child bearing years Hollywood gone baby-on-board or to many of us, baby-I'm-bored?

Just finished reading a tidbit focusing on Tom Cruise & Katy Holmes or TomKat as they have become known to the public, alleged baby plans for the future. Seems that the gruesome-two-some were seen browsing in an upscale baby boutique asking salespeople to give them 4 scenarios for a boy's room. Instantly, this became gossip fodder for entertainment sites and writers, who dutifully reported it as an omen that they may be in a baby state of mind.

Like - do we really care? Obviously many of "us" do.

There was a time when expanding the family was a personal decision between a couple. These days it seems like the wife is the last one to find out she will be bearing a child after everyone else in the world has read or heard about it in the media.

When you think about it, bearing offspring has been around for...forever so why Hollywood types feel this necessity - nay - need to supply us with their productivity plans is a mystery.

My theory is that a long time ago - that would be a couple of years in Hollywood time - a celebrity and it could have been by accident, divulged to a gossip reporter that she (the celebrity) thought she may be pregnant. It was a slow day and said gossip reporter instantly grabbed on to the news and used it in a report. The viewing public being voracious for anything they feel could be juicy i.e. mommy and daddy supposedly happily married to others, watched for further reports in record numbers (ratings bonanza) and the race was on! Suddenly other young-ish (and not-so-youngish) couples knew a good thing when they saw it and gave their agents instructions to accidentally-on-purpose leak their infanticipating plans.

Madonna...Brad and Angelina a.k.a. Bradgelina or something, Britney...they all got on board and now we're being inundated with reports of baby rooms and decorating schemes, which newborns and 2 month olds are having play-dates. These kids can barely hold their heads up or are just learning to roll over and we're supposed to believe that they're having play-dates???

Gimme a break!

Next thing you know there will be reports of wild pacifier parties and raves, scandals featuring diaper exhibitionists, baby formula addicts, gripe water parties, teething rages in public... The usual Hollywood scandals that break out with seeming regularity.

Wanna bet that some smart entrepreneur - who knows could even be Donald Trump since he's in the baby mode- will come out with a new line of hair pieces for bald babies. Heaven knows he's got a big enough comb-over.

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Anonymous said...

"Like - do we really care? Obviously many of "us" do."

You wrote 456 words about it. In doing so, I guess you've answered your own question.

Who are these "we" and "us" people, anyway?