Friday, March 23, 2007


So I'm thumbing through an advertising booklet inserted in our local daily. You know the type that features beautiful models with faces air brushed to perfection wearing the latest and most expensive make up for Spring. We're talking here about names like Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Lancôme...high end $$$$.

I usually skim through the booklet superficially because there's no way that I'm going to spend $30 for a lipstick and let's not even go into the moisterizers, which can reach the $100 mark. Would you believe - and I kid you not - that Barbie, of Barbie and Ken fame or notoriety was interviewed regarding her very own cosmetic line put out by M¨A¨C? It was a surreal interview with Barbie answering questions posed by an interviewer.

Interviewer? Barbie? She of Ken fame? Doll with the plastic permanent tippy-toe feet?

The first question the interviewer asked was why she teamed up with MAC on an makeup collection, to which she responded that they approached each other. Say what? How? Through a Barbie cell phone?

Barbie goes on to elaborate that she (Barbie) has the world's most recognizable faces and her (Barbie's) pink was their inspiration for creating the line. Let's keep in mind here that we're focusing on a makeup line dedicated to...a doll. Furthermore, she goes on to comment that she (Barbie) and MAC have a lot in common with a rich heritage in the fashion and beauty industry.

O-kay....Maybe...just maybe, somebody inhaled some bad chemicals?

The part I especially loved was the alluding to Barbie's age being 48 years old. The doll could be a grandmother! To this issue Barbie answered that she was forever a teenager. Aren't we all but then some never need the services of a plastic surgeon being...plastic. Am I really writing this?

When asked about making public appearances to promote her new line, Barbie answered that she will be very busy at the American International Toy Fair in New York when the collection appears in stores, so she won't be available for interviews.

Darn! Now there will be no chance of asking her about a rumored reconcilliation between Barbie and Ken. If you happen to attend the toy fair and have the opportunity to discuss makeup with the plastic legend- don't bring up GI Joe's name.Okay?

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