Monday, March 26, 2007


Each November a World Toilet Expo and forum is held somewhere in the world to discuss toilet-related issues. In the past the talk has covered areas that include keeping public toilets products on the market place including a sanitary bin with the world’s first automatic no-touch compressing laminate mechanism which seals disposed sanitary napkins. Important stuff and issues like that. Unfortunately for some reason, I somehow I missed it. Darned!

Anywaaaaay... Came accross an interesting site that promotes a new type of toilet called "the washlet." This new sassy model boasts itself to be a paper-free toilet or a "warm-water personal-cleansing system" a corporate term for...toilets with 2.7 million purchased yearly in Japan.

According to the site,, describes the model as "innovative and luxurious." Furthermore, it's "the bathroom accessory that turns your bathroom into an oasis of serenity and comfort. The Washlet uses water. Nature's most gentle and essential element. Purifying. Relaxing. Quite simply, the epitome of clean. The evolution of clean."

It also includes for obvious reasons, an air purifier built in the system and a warm air dryer. In other words and if I understand the concept correctly, the toilet does all the work that your hands have been doing without actually having to use your hands anymore. This means that all the user has to concern her/himself with is the actual physical act thereof of pushing or peeing. It's also good to note that the nozzle automatically self-cleans after each use.

It's not surprising that we haven't heard more about it since it could eliminate the use and presence of toilet paper and paper towels, hand dryers and of course sinks. No more having to wash our hands for five minutes singing a chorus of Mary Had a Little Lamb. Somehow, it just wouldn't be the same.

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Count Blabula said...

That's gross. A spritz of water can't clean you thoroughly enough. Yech!