Wednesday, May 23, 2007


When it comes to delivering mail postal carriers are usually concerned with dog attacks and family pooches that bound out of nowhere to protect their owner's property. It's rare however, to hear or read a story about cats, as in they who "meow," however this is the case in Winnipeg, Canada, where a postal worker fears for her safety when nearing the house of Shadow, an 8 year old black cat.

Shadow's owner recently received a letter from Canada Post that due to the cat's alleged growling (!), postal delivery to said house is discontinued. Furthermore, the cat's owners now have to travel 4 kilometres to pick up mail until future arrangements can be made. The recent turn of events has Shadow's owners very disconcerted since they know their family cat to be cuddly, loving and easy going. It appears though when it comes to mail delivery, Shadow turns into a furry ball of growling feline-ness.

For its part Canada Post stated that the postlady who reported the cat described Shadow as having a threatening manner. Makes you wonder what said postlady does upon coming accross an aggresive dog. It also occurred to me that black cats get a bad rap or rep for being born with black fur. This is a statistical fact in that shelters have a difficult time getting them adopted.

In any case both sides are working to resolve the issue although Shadow hasn't been asked for any input. Even if he was he would probably ignore the humans, anyway.

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