Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is definitely one for the stupidity in action book or what-were/are-they-thinking.

A 10-month old baby has received a state-issued firearm owner's identification - FOID - card a couple of weeks ago. Owning said card means that the baby nick-named, Bubba, can if he wants own a firearm as well as ammunition. For the record Bubba lives in Illinois.


Yup. It's true and what's more his father completed and submitted the form along with the usual fee. Owning this card Bubba can legally transport an unloaded weapon even though he can't walk yet. A photo provided with the news item shows an identification photo of Bubba, his age and date of birth, his height being 2 feet 3 inches and weight of 20 pounds, smiling broadly with missing teeth 'cause the gun owner is only 10 months, y'know! The toddler is barely on solid food yet he can shoot a gun if he felt like it instead of playing with building blocks. At the bottom of the card is his superimposed signature since Bubba can't sign his name. Usually toddlers of this age can barely hold a pacifier never mind writing instrument so his signature was superimposed by dad, who held a pencil in Bubba's hand.

Gimme a break!

The rationale if you can call it that behind this ridiculous idea is Bubba's grandfather is an avid trapshooter and wanted an heirloom for his grandson. Many grandparents would pass along a family photo album or perhaps a hand-me-down armchair but grandpa decided a rifle was a better idea. Given the recent shooting tragedies, this grandfather receives the dumbest idea for a gift yet.

Read the piece written by Bubba's father here and then share your opinion.,CST-NWS-bubba13.article

A photo of Bubba and dad:

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