Monday, May 14, 2007


This first report belongs in the "what in the world were/are they thinking" file and there's no account for taste, in the true sense of the world.

In excess of 300 people forked out (in the true sense of the word) U.S. $5 for "all-you-can-eat" goat, lamb and - wait for it - fried bull testicles recently in the 9th annual Testical Festival at Mama's Place Bar and Grill in Elderon in central Wisconsin.

The festival was established twelve years ago back during a birthday party when celebrants decided to have a "nut fry" at the eatery after introducing lamb fries from a trip to Montana. Over the year the festival has grown to the point where 45 kilograms of testicles are fried up and served to testicle aficionados.

Different strokes for different folks...

Playing Chicken(s)

In as far as chickens are concerned they are considered a food item but not always. Take for example, two chickens living in China who are earning their keep playing soccer. According to the owner the bantam chickens have become addicted to the game. Perhaps they also realize that the day they stop playing, they could end up on a plate as the main course but perhaps this is too cynical a view of their usefulness.

The owner brought home a football after finding it and kicked it in the direction of the chickens. After getting over their initial fear they now get their kicks handling various soccer plays and positions.

Intruder unaware of the concept

Then there's the story of the trespasser who broke in a jail in a New Zealand police station accidentally locking himself in.

There is no reason supplied as to the reason behind the break-in when an interloper broke into a police station in the town of Matamata through the front door, following which she/she proceeded to the cell block and was accidentally locked in when the self-closing door clicked shut.

At the point where police rushed in response to the intruder alarm, the intruder used a wooden chair inside a cell to smash through a window to freedom. This leads one to wonder why would any person want to break into a jail to begin with. A pre-arranged rendez-vous with a prisoner or perhaps the interloper was a former prisoner who missed her/his cell... Go know!

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