Saturday, May 05, 2007

Married goat wed to human succumbs to stuck baggies

This report belongs into the "what in the..." file.

A goat who was an Internet sensation when the story hit cyber space that it/she had been wed to a human male in Sudan, has died. Seems that local elders found said man having - um - a sexual relationship with Rosie-the-goat and ordered him to - wait for it - marry her i.e. the goat.

The concept behind the marry-her-or-else order was to embarrass the man and there is no information available whether it was a shot-gun wedding. Following the "marriage" and presumably the bride wore white, Rosie had an offspring - not the human-type - so we have to assume that Rosie was a philanderer or a sleep-around goat.

Culturally, in Sudan if a man is caught sleeping with a girl, he is ordered to marry her immediately in order to save her honour and that of her family. Save..a goat's...honor? do they know who the goat's parents were, anyway? More to the point, did anybody involved bother asking Rosie how she felt about marrying a human?

There is also no information regarding the funeral arrangements or whether Rosie's offspring will be/was present. What a world we live in...

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