Friday, June 08, 2007


Uh-oh...looks like Paris Hilton might have to trade in her designer duds for a no-name, run-of-the-mill orange jump suit with a number!

Having been released from jail on Thursday and now serving her "time" at home Los Angeles's top prosecutor, Rocky Delgadillo, is not a happy man. Seems he's quite upset with the county's sherriff decision to release Paris from serving time in prison and allowing her to wear an electronic ankle bracelet while - um - lounging around her humble abode watching TV...being served meals by servants, etc. etc. Seems that his office is of the opinion that her early release undermines his efforts to apply "equal justice."

A mere few hours after Paris Hilton was sent packing back to her mansion under house arrest, the judge who put her in jail ordered her back to court to decide whether she should go back behind bars. The judge in question, Michael T. Sauer issued his order after the city attorney filed a petition on Thursday afternoon, demanding to show cause why Sheriff Lee Baca should not be held in contempt of court for releasing Paris that morning, and demanding that she be retained in custody.

According to media reports she was released due to "medical condition(s)", which have reported to be a) a skin rash (pure speculation here but maybe they forgot to add fabric softener to the final wash) or b) psychological problems. One wonders how many other prisoners also experience psychological problems being incarcerated but don't get released with an electronic ankle bracelet.

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