Saturday, June 16, 2007


Being that it's a relatively slow day for news items - at least for this blog - what better opportunity than to report on the lighter side of life.

It's not unusual for people to join in singing hymns in church but a special singer lends his voice in a manner of speaking, to the proceedings at a chapel in Wales. The singer - or barker to be exact - is Teddy, a guide dog who enjoys joining the parishiners in song.

The five year old golden retriever who had been accompanying his temporary caretaker, Nona Rees to church since last February but it's only recently that he's taken a more active or vocal role. Ms Rees had been babysitting Teddy until his owner recovers from an illness.

Initially, the dog used to sleep during hymn singing but one day he just...barked right in with the rest of the congregation. According to Ms Rees, Teddy particularly enjoys the faster and louder hymns. As expected he's unfamiliar with the words and there is no information as to his favorites.


You can imagine how pleased crime fighting authorities in Russia were with their first Russian Robocop, hailed as the first member of a revolutionary new crime fighting force. Think of the possibilities with a crime fighter that can deflect bullets...and other exciting stuff. A joint project funded by police and city authorities in Perm, eastern Russia, the crime-fighter has video cameras and sensors that relay pictures and data to police stations accross the city, alerting them to a crime occuring and the location. The six-foot tall egg-shaped robot which moves on four wheels is a joint project funded by the police and city authorities in Perm, eastern Russia.

However -it's always the howevers in life that are so bothersome - nobody counted on the six foot tall egg-shaped robot to be short-circuited in the true sense of the word, by rain. It was on the streets for a mere few hours before it was recalled for repairs since heavy rain damaged its circuitry. Officials are still sold on the idea and more are planned for the future.

Shades of Terminator! Where's Governor Schwarzneggar when you need him?

And how was your week?

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