Thursday, June 14, 2007


Given that TV viewers ignore a large portion of summer-time programs, this one could easily fall victim to the chopping block due to lack of publicity and interest. Hence my big push to familiarize anyone reading this to this new series and concept.

The name of this animated series is "Creature Comforts" and it can be seen on CBS on Monday nights. Not the best time spot but be that as it may...

The animation, which is superb and hysterical by the way, is by the same team that brought us the films, "Wallace and Grommit" but this series has something different going for it. The people behind the scenes travelled accross the U.S. and asked ordinary people i.e. me/you some very basic questions. For example something to the effect: "what do you think about aging?" to a wide variety of people and ages and cultural backgrounds, after which the questions were answered and discussed by animated animal 'toons.

In one particular segment a trio of a capella singers ended up as a nest of warbling birds. Very funny. Or in another memorable segment, two middle-aged male and female bulldogs discuss life from various perspectives. Still another segment featured "older" love birds discussing their various physical ailments.

Rather than me rant on and on about the series, drop by and get a taste of what it's all about here. You can download or watch segment to see why I'm gung-ho and raving about it.

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