Saturday, December 29, 2007


Out for a night of...whatever, Britney Spears recently selected LA paparazzo, Adnan Ghalib, to accompany her for a heart-to-heart talk about life/whatever in a hotel room. Now Ghalib is singing his own tune in an interview to explain what went on between the couple.

"I think, God's honest truth, I think she's a great person. I really do," Ghalib said. "She's young. … She's never made the best choices in friends, even her relationships."

To say the least.

Read the rest of what Brit-Brit-'s new "friend" had to reveal in an interview with ABC news here:

Now what about Brit-Brit's future?

According to astrologer, Susan Miller, Britney's future mate will be "very financial, practical and stable. He'll be 7 years older and will know how to handle money - a manager-type."

Miller also said that Spears' 'bank account is going to explode with money' in the second half of 2008, the result of either recording a new album or other residuals. Jamie Lynn, who announced her pregnancy on Dec. 19, is a budding star, according to Miller.

"Her career is going to take off like a rocket next year! It'll never be better in her whole life," she said.The astrologer further said that Jamie Lynn's Aries sign shows that she's a 'good entertainer, a budding star.'"She's more of a musician. There's someone standing right behind her," she added.


I'll look into my own crystal ball and predict that in the next few days, Britney will be driving her car in places where she knows she will be photographed and the crystal also reveals paparazzi trailing close behind. Furthermore...she will visit the bathroom on more than one occasion.

Read the rest of Miller's fear(ful)less prediction here:

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