Thursday, December 27, 2007

Paris will be poor...or at least 97% poorer

Oh dear. Seems that grandpa Hilton is very embarrassed by his granddaughter, Paris's behavior. You know - clubbing, drinking, sleeping around - the usual stuff that bored, rich heiresses do. To show his displeasure he has committed 97% of his fortune to a charitable foundation. Even then, I'm sure, the next generation of Hiltons has mucho money in their own right salted away somewhere where the tax people can't/won't ever find it.

As for Paris... Whatever happened to her self-proclaimed "I-see-the-light" change of consciousness that she had in jail? Did I say jail? You know that place where she was inconvenienced for a few days and didn't have access to the important things in her life like shopping, night clubs, jetting from country-to-country, posing for magazine covers. Those things. I mean, jail being so tacky and having to wear that vile orange-colored jump suit, she needed something substantial to cling to and found solace in the Bible. Not that there's anything wrong with that and the Good Book has a lot of good advice. Paris being Paris, the new-found spiritual enlightenment lasted maybe a month and then it was on to what Paris does best: clubbing and getting paid to show up at parties.

We all remember how she pledged to make our planet a better place and vowed upon her release to help the less fortunate around the world. Course 'less fortunate' in Paris's mind could have been people who didn't know how to coordinate their clothes properly. Somebody has to tell them!

Anyway, when asked for comments about her grandfather's decision, she hasn't as yet said anything. And when and if she does, for sure it will be something really important like, "did I tell you all about my new line of perfume?" Or "do you know anybody that wants to be my boyfriend?"

Good for Grandpa Hilton!

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